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Teacher Appreciation Week -  SMP Challenge

When learning is a challenge, a wonderful teacher can make all the difference in the world. Teachers help students go the extra mile, show persistence, and achieve their goals- just like the SMP One Lap of America team!!

Thank you for joining our students to cheer on Team SMP, competing in a black Corvette bearing their school logo, while also helping to honor teachers for teacher appreciation week. 


Over 40 people helped us to raise $7,600 to support Norman Howard School outdoor learning programs! Very special thanks to Systems Management Planning (SMP) President, Eric Rorapaugh, for taking our 115 students on his One Lap of America journey for the second time and for presenting students with a $5,000 matching gift. 

Thank you to everyone who participated by giving and sharing!

To donate online securely by credit card,  please click on DONATE NOW.

To donate by phone, please call: Janet Christensen at (585) 210-4710, credit cards accepted.

To donate by mail, please include a note about the teacher(s) you're honoring with your gift and send to: 


Education Success Foundation - The Norman Howard School

275 Pinnacle Road

Rochester, NY  14623


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