Suzanne Vercruysse

Special Education Teacher, English, New Faculty Mentor

585-334-8010 x 344

What makes The Norman Howard School special is the loyal and dedicated, experienced and knowledgeable faculty.

Mrs. Vercruysse has spent half of her life- all of her adult life- developing programs, and educating and nurturing students with disabilities in the Rochester community. This endeavor, which she describes as her "calling," has required much time, dedication, thought, careful consideration and energy. Her work, she shares, "is about improving people’s lives and having an impact on the community and beyond." She began at The Norman Howard School in 1989. When not in her classroom, she is a "driver" for all field trips, helps with fundraising for student activities and projects, and enjoys being a mentor for co-workers.

In addition to a teacher, Mrs. Vercrusse is also a daughter, a sister, a mother, a wife, and a friend. She dedicates time to fostering all of the important relationships in her life.