Student Experience

Students at The Norman Howard School are offered a truly unique academic experience, enriched by activities, friendships, community events, supports, and atmosphere of acceptance.

Before joining our community, parents may ask, "will my child miss out by leaving public school?" Our students remain engaged with their home community through friends, sports, church, and other activities. Students share, and parents agree, that the new experiences and relationships formed at The Norman Howard School enhance their lives and well-being in meaningful and measurable ways.

Please explore some elements that combine to create The Norman Howard Experience. Click on each image for more details:

Student Support Services
Inclusive Community
Experiential Education
Outstanding Academics
Industrial Arts
Industrial Arts

"Make anything you please, as long as it fits through the door" is the motto of our unique Industrial Arts program. A "makerspace" before it became buzz, this space offers the computers, tools, saws, materials, and inspiration for students need to complete amazing projects. Recent creations have included lighting, guitars, skateboards, bird houses, ergonomic chairs, benches, desks, and more.

Science Program
Science Program

Our Science program is truly exceptional. Classrooms abound with plants and creatures, and enthusiastic teachers impart their love for science and the world around us upon their students by making learning exciting. Frequent field trips (to x x x ) enrich learning, and students have opportunities to interact meaningfully with their environment as a means to understanding the world.


Our academic program is designed to allow students to experience success, to help them understand the nature of their learning challenges, to provide them with the skills and strategies for overcoming their academic difficulties and social challenges.


Our school offers a wide range of technology to engage today's learners and to help them acquire and demonstrate their knowledge and skills. Smart Board and projection devices are used in most classrooms to enhance group instruction, writing and editing. The latest model desktop computers, laptops, and mobile devices for individual use enrich and create multi-sensory learning experiences. 8th grade is part of a 1:1 iPad implementation pilot, with plans to expand to other grades.

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What our students are saying...

The Norman Howard School lets me be who I am.

- NHS Student

Such a GREAT school and WONDERFUL, AMAZING & LOVING teachers. I'm still proud to say I went there.  

- NHS Alumni

At my old school, I felt like a ghost. Here I feel like a person.

- NHS Student

I wouldn’t be where I am today without Norman Howard.

- NHS Alumni

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Industrial Arts
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