Students can be placed at The Norman Howard School one of two ways- by their home school district or placed privately by their parent or guardian. 



District Placement (100% Tuition Paid By District)


When students are placed at The Norman Howard School by their home school district Committee on Special Education, their families are not responsible for tuition or transportation. The school district assumes all tuition and transportation costs.  The majority of our students are ultimately placed by their home school district.



Private Placement


For families pursuing private placement, The Norman Howard School awards financial aid scholarships that are based on a financial need and the availability of fundsMany families are given a generous financial aid package.

In order to be eligible for a financial aid scholarship at the Norman Howard School the following criteria must be met by June 1st of each year. Applications received after June 1st will be considered for 2nd round distributions should monies be available.

Applying for Financial Aid


The outline

  1. The student must be accepted by The Norman Howard School.

  2. Information on how to apply for financial aid is mailed home with the acceptance letter.   NHS uses School and Student Services by NAIS (SSS).

  3. Parents apply for financial aid on-line through SSS. SSS Charges a $48 non-refundable fee.

  4. The Report of Family Contribution (RFC) must be received by NHS by June 1st.  This report is generated after parents/guardians complete and submit the Parents' Financial Statement (PFS) to SSS.

  5. In addition, the following information must be sent to NHS by parents/guardians by June 1st:

  6. Signed copy of your most recent Federal Tax Form 1040 with all supporting schedules.

  7. Business/Farm Owners Only: Must submit Business/Farm Statement for each business or farm owned.

  8. A copy of parents/guardians two most recent paycheck stubs.

  9. An Intent to Enroll form and a $100.00 non-refundable deposit.


Financial Aid Timeline


First round applications are accepted until June 1st, after which time the NHS Financial Aid Committee will meet and award financial aid to families who qualify. Award letters are mailed home by June 30th. Additional allocations of financial aid may be distributed after the first round if funds are available.  Late applications are accepted for these distributions.

For a full explaination of funding options and financial aid options, please contact Julie Murray at or 585-210-4721.

Can Our Family Afford Norman Howard?

Families are often first to recognize their child needs a different setting to be successful in school, but finding and securing the right setting is challenging.

Many families secure district funding for placement at The Norman Howard School. This means 100% of tuition is paid in full and transportation is provided by your school district. If your child is accepted, we will work with you throughout the CSE process (which can be extensive) in hopes of helping you secure the services and support your child needs to succeed in school.

We are committed to making our school affordable for families who are not able to or choose not to secure district funding and offer significant financial aid (based on need).​

If you feel The Norman Howard School is the right fit for your child- let's have a conversation!

Financial Aid

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