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Support The Norman Howard School

The Norman Howard School stands for learning. Every student and family served here is writing  a unique story of resilience and transformation. Many parents tell us: 

"You have given me my child back"


The Norman Howard School name is synonymous in Rochester for educational opportunity and for transformation. If it seems everyone you ask knows and loves a person who was helped to succeed by our school, it is because since 1980, The Norman Howard School has stood for learning.

Join our community to embrace and support each student on his or her journey to overcome challenges to become a happy, successful, and engaged citizen. Your can help our students experience belonging, achievement, and success. 


Your donation helps a Rochester family like Joshua's find a supportive community for themselves and their child who is living with Autism Spectrum Disorder. 

You are helping an anxious 10th grader, like Charlotte, to blossom, when she was previously bullied by peers and too unhealthy to attend school.

With your generous support, 115 students who require experiences- and not text books - to learn take part in experiential field trips to Geva Theater, Genesee Country Village & Museum, and The Memorial Art Gallery.


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