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Ours is a 40 year legacy of reaching students who need paths to success. The mission and the success of The Norman Howard School became the genesis for EnCompass: Resources for Learning, a community-based educational services organization, and Education Success Foundation, a foundation providing support for students, families, schools, and professionals.  Our legacy of learning now reaches more 2,000 students in the Rochester Area. 

Education Success Foundation

Our mission is that students succeed in school and in life!

Education Success Foundation

4 Lake View Park

Rochester, NY 14613

Tel: 585-563-2969


The Norman Howard School - Education Success Partnership

The Norman Howard School is proudly the legacy program of Education Success Foundation. Through work begun here and expanded into the community, the vision of our school's founders is being realized on a broad scale. Emphases on individualized learning, unique learning strategies, and whole-child development rooted here, underpin all Education Success Foundation initiatives. 


In many of today's schools, the best interest of students can be compromised by competing priorities. However, Education Success Foundation enables The Norman Howard School to keep students at the core of education, and enhances our ability to focus expertise and resources on students, families, and robust educational programming. Education Success Foundation is connected with and supports The Norman Howard School in the following ways: 

  • Organizational Leadership

  • Funding and Fundraising

  • Learning Space and Facilities Management

  • Business Services including: Finance, HR, IT, Development, Communications, Office Support 

Our Partners

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