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Welcome To Our School

Welcome to Norman Howard School Rochester

The Norman Howard School is accredited by the New York Association of Independent Schools (NYSAIS), and approved by the New York State Education Department (NYSED) as a special education school serving boys and girls grades 5 through 12 (aged 10-21).  At The Norman Howard School, alongside academics, we create a sense of belonging and an emotionally safe environment to learn and grow.

Our school is a turning point for students who have struggled with the academic or social aspects of their previous school. Here we personalize an education program for each learner, composed of compelling, Regents level academic courses, comprehensive support services, and enrichment activities, while also emphasizing personal growth within a welcoming community.

Our students learn best with a multi-sensory approach and with the consistent use of learning strategies. Classroom  and social-emotional learning is supported with school-wide strategies and complemented by hands-on and experiential opportunities in the community.  Click here to learn more about who we serve.

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Our educational program promotes learning strategies, development of social skills, and 21st century skills- like collaboration, problem-solving, critical thinking, and creativity- within a small, structured, and supportive setting. Our school culture promotes acceptance, diversity, friendships, and a sense of community.  These elements combine to create a unique experience that prepares students for successful transitions to adult life, college, and the workplace. We are proud of our 99% graduation rate and 75% college attendance rate.


Our classrooms are small and personal with an average class size of 8 students. Reading classes are no more than 3 students. Our education team includes teachers certified in special education and/or specific content areas, teacher assistants, Speech - Language Pathologists, and counselors. 


Our program meets all state and federal requirements and our experienced teachers deliver Regents level curriculum and lessons that both align with and effectively scaffold the Common Core standards. Our school focuses on the importance of literacy across the curriculum giving students opportunities to develop listening, reading, writing, and speaking skills.


We are proud to uphold high academic standards while individualizing our instruction so that students with learning challenges are successful. Students participate in Regents testing, and administrators, teachers, and support professionals are actively engaged in preparing students for success on exams throughout the school year.


Our program guides students in setting and reaching social-emotional goals in addition to academic goals.  Highly experienced school and transition counselors work alongside students and families on transition planning at every stage. Support staff push into the classrooms and collaborate with teachers to  assist our students in understanding group dynamics, peer relationships, safe boundaries, and strategies for social situations. Students develop and practice communication, self-awareness, decision-making, social problem solving, perspective-taking, and independent living skills. 


Many of our students need remedial instruction in reading using a balanced, systematic approach. We have six Reading Teachers trained in evidence-based models who are available to support them 1:1 or in groups of no more than three students.


Speech-Language Pathologists partner with teachers and work fluidly within and outside our classrooms in a way that enhances development for all students. 


Learning is supported with vast and diverse educational resources including: computer labs, interactive whiteboards, 1:1 iPads, Chromebooks, a full school library, hands-on curriculum materials, and science labs. Our smaller class size enables us to differentiate instruction and provide appropriate support to all students including those who are capable of meeting higher academic expectations.

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