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What Sets Us Apart

Many schools say they offer a small setting, or individualized attention, but what truly sets The Norman Howard School apart is that, here, a community that is welcoming and safe connects us more deeply than possible at larger, traditional schools. Here are the things that define The Norman Howard School experience...

A Sense Of Belonging

Here we celebrate and support what makes every student unique; a community that is welcoming, safe and small connects us more deeply than possible at larger, traditional schools. Being included, supported, and understood promotes confidence, self- esteem, and academic success.

Enriching Experiences

Whether students are caring for our garden or tending horses at a local farm, we are a holistic school community dedicated to creating meaningful, shared experiences. Classroom, extra-curricular and community-based learning activities align to help students develop strong academic and social skills.


Our 37-year legacy of learning and average faculty tenure of 13 years means our school offers unmatched expertise and collective knowledge in teaching nontraditional learners.   Every educator is trained and experienced in developing and implementing effective individualized education programs, and helping students plan for success in life after Norman Howard.

Unique Approaches

Flexible and personalized, our coursework and structure is driven by students’ needs, strengths, and progress.  Our literacy-rich approach provides separate, daily classes in reading, writing, and literature.  School-wide social and academic strategies afford a “common language” and foundation for academic and social success.

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