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Looking back, moving forward and keeping you in the loop!

Updated: Mar 29, 2022

2020 presented countless challenges, but it also revealed the tremendous resilience of students, families and our school. We hope the year ahead brings many good things, but we would like to take this moment to reflect on the successes of 2020 and update you related to educational highlights and COVID-19 efforts.

Our outstanding graduation rate perseveres! 100% graduation in 2020 and we expect 100% of 2021 seniors to receive Regents Diplomas.

Despite our shift to remote instruction in March 2020, Norman Howard School students did not exhibit gaps in learning and engagement. In fact, 99.5% of classes were passed by students!


COVID-19 continues to affect our daily operations, but is not a barrier to our programming for students.

We offer safe, distanced, 100% in-person learning, 5-days per week. Just 10-17 students have opted for remote learning and we accommodate those students; they receive instruction alongside their in-person as teachers instruct remotely and in-person simultaneously.

As other schools struggle to meet the needs of non-traditional learners with IEPs, our students have experienced zero interruption to their related / IEP services.

Silver lining? Outdoor learning has always been a hallmark of our special program, and this year we are "leaning-in to outdoor learning" in countless new ways. Ecology is 100% outdoors, trips to GCVM are frequent and fruitful, our outdoor classroom is utilized daily, and we recently constructed an Adirondack Lean-To!

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