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Paul Agle

Teacher, Science

585-334-8010 x 367

“Every person on this planet is unique and when we make them feel safe, respected, and meet their individual needs with empathy, the classroom and society can benefit from their particular talents”

Paul is a Science Educator and Communicator. He worked in the Energy industry for nearly a decade before refocusing on education and helping the next generation of citizens and scientists. He has taught at both the high school and college levels on a variety of subjects. He earned his PhD in Geology, but much of his interest has focused on Paleontology, particularly mass extinction events. He is fascinated by what ancient ecosystems can show us about our modern world and the changes that we are experiencing.

As a self-proclaimed “Nature Nerd”, Paul loves nature documentaries and learning about life on our planet, both living and extinct. He holds a special fascination for dinosaurs and their surviving descendants (birds). He lives in Rochester with his partner and they can often be found bird-watching in Mount Hope Cemetery, Highland Park, or any of the greenspaces around our community.

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