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Rosemary Hodges

Director of Education

585-334-8010 x 307

The Norman Howard School is inspiring in that our community is greater than the sum of its constituents. This environment and the dedication of its staff help students to recognize their strengths and learn that they can be successful.

Mrs. Hodges has been an integral part of The Norman Howard School community for almost thirty years. She first joined the staff as the Research Coordinator for a project co-sponsored by the University of Rochester, The Norman Howard School, and Monroe 1 BOCES. As Education Director, each year she looks forward to working with staff, students, and school districts to advocate for student needs. Prior to working at The Norman Howard School, Mrs. Hodges was a special education teacher for students with language needs and an educational diagnostician at a multi-disciplinary developmental unit.

Mrs. Hodges enjoys spending time with her family, especially at their cottage on Wellesley Island, hiking, gardening, and kayaking. Also, she says, "I find that there is almost nothing better than a really wonderful book!"

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