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As educators and policy makers across a wide range of fields have rightly noted, students with special learning needs require extra attention and prioritization in the coming school year. As a New York State-approved, special education school, the ability to provide safe, in-person instruction is our goal. Thanks to our already-small class sizes, counseling services for all students, and expert faculty, we are well-positioned and well-prepared to continue our proven methods and personalized approach in all reopening scenarios. Please view our detailed reopening plan. 

Your child's learning needs & educational rights did not change. Your school’s available supports shouldn’t either!

The Norman Howard School provides all students: a full academic program with daily instruction in all subject areas, classes with their own teachers and staff, IEP / related services, counseling and social-emotional skill development, and afterschool clubs. Our admissions staff is available now, application process is free and fully online, and we will connect you with the people and information you need to make a decision about your child's future. 












We are Norman Howard, a welcoming community of students and educators who support and celebrate what makes you unique, while providing an educational experience tailored for you.


Here, 5th-12th grade students from over 30 school districts experience a rich and diverse school culture, learn strategies for managing their special learning needs, and graduate alongside their public school peers.

Please explore the many reasons students choose our school....

Skills for Life
Transition Counseling
Speech-Language Services
School-wide Strategies
Health Services
Inspired Educators
Sense of Belonging
Positive School Culture
Outdoor Education
Service Learning
Cooperative Games
Enriching Experiences
Visual Arts
Experiential Learning
Science Education
Industrial Arts
Technology Integration
Counseling Services
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We are pleased to offer a quick video tour. Featured are some of the learning spaces that provide an ideal backdrop for the amazing students and faculty who make our school so special.


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Students & Parents Tell Our Story.

Lives Transformed Through Education...

We are so grateful that our daughter is now part of Norman Howard. She always has such positive things to say about the students and staff each night. She takes pride in being a student at NHS and we feel strongly that she will continue to blossom and realize her full potential. Our family has seen remarkable growth in our daughter in the short time she has been under your roof. 

- NHS Parent

I came to Norman Howard and it was like a lighthouse shining it's light through the fog.  I knew that my son belonged there, I knew this was the environment where he would finally be allowed to succeed.  An environment that encouraged him to be himself.  I knew this was the change he needed.

- NHS Parent

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Norman Howard School Rochester | special education school

A Horse of a Different Color... Is it blue? Is it purple? Is it green? You cannot miss our distinctive "Horse of A Different Color" rearing in front of The Norman Howard School. It is more than a decoration.

Children entering The Norman Howard School have often been misunderstood and, as a result, worry they cannot excel, cannot overcome challenges, cannot belong.

We KNOW the case to be something different entirely... "a horse of a different color." Provided expert support, understanding, and the right school, our resilient students learn, belong, and succeed in school and life. They rise up, confident and prepared for the challenge.


Find our horse on Pinnacle Road and you'll know you've arrived. We'll open the doors wide for you! 

A Horse of a Different Color

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Explore why families choose NHS...

A sense of belonging and a safe environment to learn and grow.

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The Norman Howard School is a community of students, parents, and educators who seek to understand, support, and celebrate one another.  We offer each student a truly individualized education enhanced by:

A Sense of Belonging

Enriching Experiences

IEP & Learning Disabilities Expertise

Unique Approaches

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