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The students, faculty and staff are truly what makes The Norman Howard School special.  I love working with our small student body, which allows for rich, meaningful connections amongst our school community.  

Lisa McConville

Transition Counselor

College, Career, Vocation & Transition

585-334-8010 x 101

Mrs. McConville's career at The Norman Howard School began as a Teaching Assistant in various subject areas.  While working, she pursued and obtained a master's degree in Counselor Education and was then appointed to the position of Transition Counselor.


Since 2003, Mrs. McConville has been working with students, families, school districts and community resources to guide post-secondary career, educational, training and other post high school plans and goals. She shares, "there is no better feeling when a student is invested and excited about their future and is working on a plan to realize their goals."  


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