Philip Humphreys

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After all of these years the students are still what make this school special and I hope that never changes.

Philip Humphreys

Teacher, English

English Department Chair, Outdoor Education

585-334-8010 x 339

When Mr. Humphreys graduated college in 1985, he knew that corporate America was not the life for him. Prior to joining The Norman Howard School in 1988, he worked 10 summers in Algonquin Park, Canada as a camp counselor and canoe guide at 2 summer camps, Pathfinder and Tanamakoon.  


He was looking for a school that would combine his love of outdoor education with his desire to help students with learning challenges. After the interview with the head of school,  he didn't realize that  this would turn into a place that he would call home for his entire professional career. Mr. Humphreys shares, "to be honest, I can't really imagine my life any other way."