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Social Maniacs: Law & Order Debut

Unique to The Norman Howard School experience are our varied and enriching afterschool / extracurricular activity options . Social Maniacs, our student-named social skills and communication club, is one of the many outside the classroom learning experiences in which students can participate.

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Social Maniacs supports students to practice social pragmatics and communications skills alongside their peers in a fun and accepting setting. The group is led onsite at NHS by Dr. Lisa Hiley, Assistant Clinical Professor of Nazareth College Department of Communication Sciences and Disorders.

This semester we've focused on the actions to WOO ("win others over"). Using a project-based framework the students identified a project they wanted to work together on that demonstrates their learning (or in this case WOO-ing).

In December, before family, faculty, and friends, the students debuted their LAW & ORDER themed movie in our P. Ken Dennis Theater. The celebration began with awards and recognition, followed with the film debut (including hilarious out-takes), and ended with a family celebration and viewing of student-created posters.

For more information on Social Maniacs, please contact: Rosemary Hodges

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