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Is Norman Howard Right For Your Child?

Are you wondering if The Norman Howard School is right for your child? In this video, please hear from Panayiota, our 7th grade student, about when she knew NHS was the right choice for her (spoiler alert: it was her very first day!). Explore whether Norman Howard is a new option for success for your child.


Video: "My Favorite Part Of The Day Is All Parts!"


Our school offers Regents level curriculum, experiential learning, and, most importantly, a safe environment to learn and grow. Our community supports and embraces what makes every child unique; as Panayiota expresses in the video, "What makes Norman Howard students special is that they are all different in their own ways."

If you hear from your child, "I am trying the best that I can" and they are still not learning or experiencing school success, The Norman Howard School may be the setting they need to reach their full potential. See what sets us apart.

Small classes, personalized support, learning disabilities and IEP expertise, and a sense of belonging create conditions for learning not available at larger, traditional schools. Learn about our supports

We enroll students on an ongoing basis throughout the year. Contact Julie Murray to schedule your tour today!

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