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Unique students like ours face barriers to academic and personal success

Magic happens when students step through our doors and begin learning in a community that understands and supports them. You can be part of The Norman Howard School’s 40-year legacy of learning and transformation!

From withdrawn and overwhelmed to happy and willing to try new things, just a few short weeks at Norman Howard have sparked transformation for Jack!

  • At his prior school, Jack was forced to manage chaotic transitions, 22 students in his classroom, missing class time for support services, and hurtful taunting in the hallways.

  • Now he learns alongside just 3 to 8 classmates; social skills counseling and specialized reading instruction are built right into his day; and he is branching out! He is performing in the school play and joined ski club. “Jack even suggested we move the whole family to be closer to his school,” his Mom shared.

  • One thing that makes his Dad most happy is that Jack went from coming home from school and going straight to his room, to riding his bike up and down the driveway with a huge smile on his face.

We need your support so more children who are struggling in school can experience The Norman Howard School difference! Every $1 you give today will be matched with $1.50, thanks to our generous matching grant from The Sands Family Supporting Foundation.



Sadly, unique students like ours face barriers to academic and personal success...

Less than 60 percent of students with special learning needs graduate in Monroe County and state-wide, but at The Norman Howard School 99 percent of students have graduated since 1984!

We create a place of safety, understanding, and growth at a time when unique and special students are facing academic failure, bullying, and anxiety in larger, traditional schools.

Inspiring transformations happen the moment students walk through our door and experience – for the first time- a school community that celebrates and understands them.

You can place a sense of belonging, academic achievement, and future success within reach for a child by making a gift of $50 today, and every $1 will be matched with $1.50 for a total impact of $150.

“I feel so bad more kids can’t have access to Norman Howard,” Jack’s Mom expresses. “He started in September and is taking pride in his work for the first time. Once quiet dinners have become what Jack calls story time, when he tells us about his day at school!”

With the support of caring people like you- who know the difference the right setting can make for a child - we can continue to provide unmatched expertise, personalized support, and hands-on learning experiences that help our special students graduate and lead successful lives!

We hope you see that by making a gift to The Norman Howard School, you can be part of the magic that happens here for the incredible students we serve! Donate Today


Joseph M. Martino, CEO

Lisa Connolly, Board Chair


P.S. More than 92¢ of every $1 we receive goes directly to programs for our students! By giving to The Norman Howard School, you are truly investing directly in our students’ success.

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