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National School Counseling Week 2022: Better Together!

Updated: Feb 11, 2022

Monday: What are Ms. Jelfo and Ms. Merton's roles at NHS? How do they work better together?

The NHS Counselors have separate roles that work collaboratively. Ms. Jelfo focuses on student mental health with group and individual counseling sessions, centered on their social emotional goals in their IEP. She also runs the middle school “Skills for Life” program, where they focus on skills to help in life, including self-advocacy, group work, perspective taking, and the Social Thinking Methodology.

Ms. Merton supports students with transitioning out of NHS and post-graduation planning. She also runs the high school “Transition Skills” class to continue what students learned in middle school and utilize/ translate it in high school and beyond.

They both support students in crisis, as well as advise the “Sub Shop” club, where students get the opportunity to practice work-based skills.

Wednesday: Why is The Norman Howard School "Better Together"?

Counselors work with teachers, school leaders, and other school staff to ensure the best outcomes possible for students both inside and outside the classroom.

Ms. Jelfo share why she thinks NHS is "Better Together":

I think The Norman Howard School model exemplifies the concept “It takes a village”. We are so unique to be in a small setting with this interdisciplinary team. All team members are important when it comes to the growth of students, and it cannot be done without each other. All staff consistently communicate and share techniques/strategies, and counselors have the opportunity to collaborate and visit classes.

Why do YOU think NHS is "Better Together"?

Friday: Final Reminders

Your NHS Counselors have some final important words they want to share with you:

It is important to remember, the pandemic has greatly affected people’s mental health and social development. It is vital that we recognize to be patient with ourselves, and acknowledge we are doing the best we can to get through this. But please know, you are not alone, and support is here if you need it!

Thank you for joining us for National School Counseling Week! Remember, your counselors are always here for you and we are BETTER TOGETHER!

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