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Let's Tackle Today's Challenges

Very first of all – your friends at The Norman Howard School wish you good health! The deep commitment of our faculty, staff, and caring community members like you has helped us to adapt, innovate, and come together like never before.

The Norman Howard School was BUILT to overcome challenges, together, with students and families! Taking full-day learning, services, and skill-building online overnight meant moving mountains, but we did not consider any alternative. Our dedication to students is boundless, but our community’s need is great:

  • Many students across the community are not receiving consistent supports and seamless learning—many have less support than ever before.

  • The current crisis has exposed deep, existing inequities, and drastic state and local education cuts are devastating services and hope for children with learning challenges.

Your gift will provide scholarships and advocacy support to open our doors to more children.


Students’ learning needs did not change, neither should their school’s supports is our resounding ethic during COVID-19 school building closures. Though our platform has changed temporarily, our dedication, methods and personalized approach have not.

Throughout this crisis, full day academics, available counseling for all students, IEP services, hands-on projects, social skills development, and college and career preparation – all hallmarks of The Norman Howard experience— are fostering stability for our students and their families

Meanwhile, community wide, services for students facing challenges are being drastically cut and poorly delivered. We need your help to open our doors to more students who need our expertise to learn and graduate.

> Your support of today will make our school available to more students by providing advocacy support, need-based scholarships, and outreach.

Your involvement is powerful, urgently needed, and sincerely valued. Thank you and be well!

Download our letter & pledge form

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