Paul Wagner

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What I enjoy most about The Norman Howard School is the atmosphere. When you enter the school there is a sense that you are walking into a caring community. I believe our environment allows us to gain a meaningful rapport with our students.

Paul Wagner

Industrial Arts Instructor, Art

585-334-8010 x 371

As The Norman Howard School's Industrial Arts / 3D CAD and Printing- Art Instructor, Mr. Wagner works across curriculum with content teachers developing student projects and programs.  Before he joined the school in 1991, he designed graphics for businesses, illustrated print media, painted portraits, and marketed artwork.


Time at The Norman Howard School is something Mr. Wagner thoroughly enjoys. He shares, "each day I am able to assist students in creating anything they wish. In one day we can work on anything from a kayak to printing a model on a 3D printer. I am blessed to be afforded the resources and support to help each student to succeed in creating something they will cherish and be proud of."