Kyle Wolcott

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In every day is an opportunity to impact the worlds of these students!

Kyle Wolcott

Teacher, Social Studies

Golf Tournament Co-Chair

585-334-8010 x 372

Mr. Wolcott began teaching at The Norman Howard School in 1999 after graduating from Penn State.  The school's diverse and committed faculty, in addition to the ability to impact the lives of adolescents who are challenged by learning differences, are reasons he has stayed year after year.   His passion is making history come alive and connecting it to the world students live in today.  


Mr. Wolcott and wife, Sherry, have 3 children, Brody, Teague, and Aubre, who make their lives adventurous and fulfilling.  A passion for competition and adventure is fed through hobbies that include coaching, camping, running, golf and watching the Nittany Lions, Braves, Bills and Sabres.