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Dyslexia - Managing the Challenge

Dyslexia and reading difficulties are challenges many of our Norman Howard School students face. As a new series on NPR illustrates, this particular "challenge" extends into all aspects of a child's life and deeply affects families and school success.

Most placements at The Norman Howard School are initiated by parents who recognize their child is not reaching their potential and needs a new option for success. Our team of compassionate educators specialize in supporting students with Dyslexia and we offer students specific, individualized tools and supports to help them manage this unique challenge, including:

  • Daily evidence-based instruction for decoding, fluency

  • Daily evidence-based instruction for reading comprehension

  • Text-to-speech technology

If you have a question about how The Norman Howard School supports students with Dyslexia or other learning challenges, please contact our Director of Education, Rosemary Hodges.

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