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Let's talk Transition

Norman Howard MCC Visit

Here are our 11th & 12th grade students on a recent visit to Monroe Community College.

An important support we offer for students and families is "Transition Counseling." In fact, our students are part of their own Transition Team- lead by our Transition Counselor; everyone works together to help students manage post high school and life transitions successfully. We sat down with Lisa McConville, our Transition Counselor, to find out exactly what Transition Support at The Norman Howard School looks like:


What is transition counseling?

Transition counseling aims to help students make informed decisions regarding future career, education/training, and independent living goals and plans. Services include but are not limited to, information on high school course offerings, career exploration, types of academic and occupational training needed to succeed in the workplace, and postsecondary opportunities that are associated with students’ area of interest and skills. Programs and services also provide teachers, administrators, and parents with information they can use to support students' postsecondary opportunities.

What are some of the ways that transition counseling/planning is implemented?

Transition counseling and planning occurs by working with students individually or in a group atmosphere - transition classes, seminars. Students participate in information sharing sessions, transition related activities, presentations, events and field trips -like our recent trip to MCC- throughout the school year. Students and parents are invited to attend events and presentations on related topics at the school or around the community. In addition, parents are invited to meet with the transition counselor and related staff throughout the school year to discuss their child’s plan. Transition planning is ongoing; starting as early as middle school and through to graduation.

Who makes up the transition planning team?

Transition planning involves numerous people, including families, teachers, transition and school counselors, other related service providers, school districts, outside providers -these can include a therapist, medical doctor- community resources- like a case worker or vocational counselor- and most importantly the student.

What are all the things NHS does to make sure students are prepared for transitions in their personal and academic lives?

The Norman Howard School offers numerous opportunities and experiences for students to make a successful transition to life after high school. Please visit our Helpful Resources page in the NHS Families section or contact me for more details.

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