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Meet Kathryn, Inspired Student Artist

When we caught a glimpse of Kathryn's unique and vibrant artwork in Ms. Little's visual arts room, we were immediately intrigued....

Kathryn H.

...Beauty is within you... Trust yourself... Forgive

...You are brave...Love life...You're worth more than you think...

are just a few of the affirmations that wind organically through the bright patterns and whimsical coils of her illustration. Kathryn's piece was created with a message of connection and a mission to inspire and deserved to be shared with her whole community!!

Kathryn's work brought warm wishes to 10,000 households as Education Success Network's 2017 New Years card. Right away, recipients wanted to know more about the beautiful piece and the creative young woman who created it.


We sat down with our talented artist to learn more:

Kathryn Henriquez is an 11th grade student at The Norman Howard School. She is a resident of East Irondequoit and has been part of the school community since 2015. She credits Ms. Little, Visual Arts Teacher, with challenging her to "try new things" and has found to her surprise, "it's easy to try something new."

In art class, Kathryn loves exploring different ways of mixing colors and paint. She doesn't favor a specific media; trying difficult things appeals to her most. Pottery, she says, is next.

Of all the messages in her piece (below), "Faithfulness" is the most important affirmation to her and for an important reason.

She elaborates, "In life you can walk with loyalty and respect for others. Without faithfulness, you can't move forward in life - you have to first trust yourself."

You can view Kathryn's piece on display in our newly remodeled Multi-Purpose Room. She is working on a new painting that, when complete, will reflect and uphold importance of diversity in our school.

Thank you, Kathryn!

Kathryn's artwork

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