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Give Experiences at NHS

Updated: Oct 14, 2022

Your favorite grade school memory… was it solving an equation or practicing comma rules, or was it rooted in a meaningful experience? The Norman Howard School has a 43-year legacy of opening doors to the hands-on experiences children need to learn and grow. For students who learn differently, like ours, classroom instruction is simply not enough.

  • Connecting concepts with real-world applications happens while studying Oatka Creek water levels on an Ecology trip.

  • New knowledge blooms in preparing a Greek feast during our 5th grade Ancient Cultures unit.

  • Building a bicycle-powered smoothie-maker in our Maker Place program inspires a future career in welding.

For the 100 children we serve every year, classrooms often signify challenges, anxiety, and failures, but The Norman Howard School knows children who struggle inside the classroom do not struggle outside it. Skilled and dedicated educators bring our unique, hands-on model to life and set the conditions necessary for learning. Our students master critical skills while in the garden, at the museum, and testing lake water samples; our school fosters engagement, academic growth, and transformational relationships with teachers and peers.

From their school, students need teachers, lessons, and laptops, but from their community, they need opportunities to discover academic and lifelong success. Today we ask you to give our students the experiences necessary for them to learn. Choose to be a Supporter, Sponsor, or Champion and directly provide hands-on learning, experiential field trips, real-world exposures, and college and career-preparedness for our unique and resilient students. During our Possibilities of Tomorrow Campaign, every $1 you donate is matched with $1.50 by The Sands Family Foundation and helps even more students!

Together, we can remove barriers and address learning challenges, so that children may chart pathways to futures they choose.

Donate today to give life-changing experiences to students from over 30 districts throughout Rochester:

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